This is what our clients have to say about our services:

“I always feel complete confidence and trust in Linda, both as a professional and as a person of integrity. I have found in Linda all I wished for in an accountant. Besides being very knowledgeable, she has the rare quality of being able to transmit that knowledge to the average person. In other words, me! Numbers have never been “my thing” and yet Linda makes it possible for me to be able to accomplish my work.” -M.C.M. Seminole, FL

“I met Linda a little over two years ago when I was starting a business and had no idea where to start, let alone how to file business taxes. As the owner of a small company, I had no interest in being just a number in a large firm. I wanted a CPA who offered personalized services. Thanks to Linda, I was not only able to start my business with confidence, but also to maintain a healthy balance sheet that continues to support further growth. Linda takes care of both my business and my personal taxes and she makes you feel as if you are her most important client. She is extremely trustworthy, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the interest of her clients.” -L.M. Madeira Beach, FL

”What I admire the most about Linda is her strategic approach to her work as a CPA. She has a keen understanding of the operational and financial challenges faced by small business owners. In response, her services go far beyond filing taxes and sending reports. She learns your business model and uses her extensive knowledge and experience to provide valuable strategic guidance. With Linda, you don’t have an invisible number cruncher, instead you have a trusted advisor that can be a partner in your success.” -L.M.L., St. Petersburg

“From the very start of our business relationship, I appreciated her professionalism, her sensitivity, and her promptness. Linda delivers extremely prompt, informative, accurate support — email after email, call after call. Not only that, she is patient and sensible and well practiced in dealing with clients who may be anxious and confused in the face of unexpected events — like an AUDIT. She is exactly what you want an accountant to be, in good times or bad — experienced, competent, well organized, prompt, sensible and calm. I recommend her wholeheartedly, and with enthusiasm.” -Y.H., Clearwater, FL