Remember To Support Small Business Saturday

smallbusinesssaturdaySmall Business Saturday falls on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving – or as some know it – the recovery day after Black Friday. For 2015, Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 28th. This day provides more mindful shoppers a way to enjoy Thanksgiving and then support the local business community two days later.

When Did Small Business Saturday Begin?
American Express launched Small Business Saturday in November, 2010 to help bring attention to smaller stores in communities and encourage shoppers to support local business instead of just megastores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By the next year, the day had become nationally supported and endorsed by local governments and the White House. In 2014, an estimated $14.3 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, according to American Express.

Why Focus on Small Business Saturday?
Small Business Saturday is nestled in between the major shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – so it makes sense people (and their wallets) may want to take a break. It’s hard to believe local businesses can compete with deals from mega-sellers like Wal-Mart, Macy’s and Amazon. So why should a person embrace the shop small mentality?

The shop small local business movement is less about getting the best possible deal and more about supporting the local community. It helps keep local cafes and mom-and-pop delis from turning into Starbucks and Quiznos. It also keeps money in the local community.

In fact, according to the American Independent Business Alliance, 48 percent of the money spent on purchases at a local independent businesses is re-circulated locally, but less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores stay within the community.

What If You Don’t Want To Face The Shopping Crowds?
Those who don’t live near local businesses, don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes, or don’t want to face the shopping crowds can still shop small online. There are many small business owners who have online stores and are willing to ship their products around the country.

Please remember to support your local businesses on Small Business Saturday.

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