competitionDo you know what your competition is doing? Are you tracking your competitors? Are you focused on attracting customers with focused, relevant content? If you’re not aware of what your competition is doing, here are six tools to help you.

1. Grade Your Website.
Go to and run your website alongside of your competitors’ websites to see how well you do. Pay special attention to upstart competitors who might be more focused on leveraging the Web than some of the more traditional players.

2. Evaluate Inbound Links.
Use the Grader report to pull out the number of links for you and your competitors. An increase in the number of links to a site can indicate that a competitor is getting more traction with its products.

3. Monitor Facebook Fans.
Use Facebook to see the number of fans your company’s website has relative to your competitor’s website. This number is worth tracking over time–if your competitor starts to gain a lot of fans, it means its customer loyalty is increasing. That might mean it will be harder to steal its customers, forcing you to focus on non-consuming areas of your market.

4. Monitor Total Traffic.
Go to and compare its estimate of the traffic your site gets with that of your competitors.

5. Track Mentions and Keywords.
Use to see the number of mentions you’re getting on the Web, and what keywords are driving search traffic. Then compare the results to those of your competitors.

6. Assess Online “Buzz.”
Go to Google and do a search on “your brand” (in quotations) and look at the number of results in the upper right-hand corner. Do the same for each of your competitors. The number of results shows the number of pages on the Web where the brand is mentioned. This metric is worth tracking over time since it will show how your “buzz” compares with your competitors’ buzz. You can do the same thing in to see how your buzz compares with your competitors’ in the blog world.

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