Is your business meeting a need in the market? The most successful businesses are those that are selling products or services to meet an unmet need that customers don’t know that they have or else currently isn’t being met by the competition. 

Do you have a written marketing plan? If not, let’s start by doing some strategic thinking. Your business should define its marketing mix.  This involves defining your “four P’s”:

1. Product – what is the product that you’re selling?  How is it different from the competition’s product or services?

2. Place – where will you offer and deliver your product or services? What is the specific time of day and year that work will be performed?

3. Price – how much will you charge for your services or products? Will your price cover all of your costs plus provide a profit? You should base your price on the amount that customers are willing to pay, not on the cost of providing the service or what your competitors are charging.

4. Promotion – how will you let your customers know about the products or services that you are offering to them. Several methods are available, and you should analyze the best method for your business.

 If you need help, please call us as your “trusted small business advisor.”  We are only a phone call away – (727) 391-7373.


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